Ttech offers on-site consultancy services to support its Customers in the early stages of:

  • design of a new product according to the guidelines of the “design for testability”
  • analysis of products and processes to define the procedures and write the test specifications
  • analysis of standards (ISO and Custom) and definition of the validation procedures for products with CAN and LIN communication lines
  • implementation of procedures for validation and testing according with the V model
  • execution of the validation tests, analysis of results and drafting of reports for the developers
  • development of firmware modules (diagnostic routines and communication protocols) for automotive ECUs


Project management and Software development

our customer can take advantage of the experience and the effectiveness of our team to optimize the timing of implementation in projects related to the following applications:

  • supervision of plants, machinery or assembly lines
  • test systems integrated into production lines
  • programming of Scara and Anthropomorphic Robots
  • software for data collection and processing from lines equipped with PLC
  • upgrades, maintenance and debugging of proprietary software
  • On-board programming and ECU flashing systems
  • diagnostic and validation for OBD on CAN (SAE J1979 / ISO 15031-5 / 15765-4), using UDS (ISO 14229), KWP2000 on CAN (ISO 15765), KWP2000 on K-Line (ISO-14230)
  • ODX based diagnostic solutions
  • simulation systems for automotive world


Setup and Maintenance


The delivery of a system or a complex installation is perhaps the most difficult part of a job. At this stage are often concentrated most of the adjustments that usually cannot be done during debugging. Companies are therefore forced to send by the headquarters of the end customer, its specialized staff, usually composed of the same engineers, for a longer or shorter time which duration is sometimes unpredictable.

Ttech offers its customers a service of installation and post-start-up maintenance that lets them restrict much, if not all, of the need to send their technical staff at the premises of end users, enabling them to engage in new developments.

The service consists of the following phases:

  • guiding the Ttech’s technician with the customer’s engineers in the final stages of debugging
  • installation and operating start up management at the headquarters of the end customer
  • post-start-up support management with the end customer

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