Magnetic Sensors calibration for displacement measurement

The production on sensors involve many times in the request of calibration. When the sensor must operate reliably and repatedly default calibration values are not enough and a custom calibration is a great improvement in the final result.

Nowaday the use of contacless sensors is improving day by day and needs of faster, more accurate and compact instruments for calibration is spreading.

APS.Cal is the state of the art tester for calibration of contactless sensors either linear or rotative with the ability to be integrated in production lines for high production rates

The calibration system is now suitable for automotive components with AMS©, Micronas©, Melexis© sensors and more will come. ** registered trademark and copyright of the respective companies.

Force/Displacement characterization of a hydraulic actuator

A test station based on a handling system with a brushless motor coupled to a system of stimulus and measure capable of driving the actuator and detect the profile of the Force / Displacement (upward and downward capabilities), objectifying automatically the parameters of precision, linearity and hysteresis of the actuator itself.

The use of a programming tool as flexible LabVIEW made it possible to achieve in a short time and with a good result graphic and functional, the management software of the testing machine, integrating functions typically managerial functions of stimulus and measurement very heterogeneous with an easy to use interface and capabilities like typical SCADA supervisors for PLC.

Pressure and electrical measurement in Engines Cold Testing

The production process of vehicle engines requires a set of test and verification on engine itself. There are two ways to proceed. The first is to perform a hot test, with the engine fed with fuel. The second is to perform a cold test, that does not require the start of the engine. The latter has several advantages and is the most commonly used solution. PETS.Ect system provides the necessary electronic resources for measuring, controlling and monitoring engine’s physical values during the cold test.

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