Our Skills are…

experience, gained in over twenty years of work in the field of testing and measurement, covers all aspects of the measurement of physical quantities, acquisition and processing of analog and digital signals, industrial and automotive networks and communication protocols, process automation and data management, software development

…education, in a team of 7 people, we have 4 engineers, 2 physicists and 1 baccalaureate, all graduates with courses of studies relevant to the world of measurement, electronics and industrial automation

…certifications, to confirm the continuous training of our staff and the constant updating on the new technologies that we manage and offer to our customers;

…competence, referenced by our customers, in all the automotive standards (ISO 9141 Kline OBD,   ISO 11898 CAN 11 bit,   ISO 14230 KWP 2000,   ISO 15031 OBD II,   ISO 15765 CAN 29 bit,   ISO 14291 UDS), in the most used tools for testing and simulation (CANoe, CANalyzer, CANstress, CANoe DiVa)

…international breathe, to work with companies located around the world you must be able to speak the language of the customers, so we can converse in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

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